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Cardfight Vanguard: V Clan Collection Volume 3 features the following clans - Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Genesis, Kagero, Murakumo, Narukami, Dimension Police, Spike Brothers, Pale Moon, Bermuda Triangle, Aqua Force, and Megacolony. Use cards from this set to power up decks from V Clan Collection Vol.1 & Vol.2, as well as Vol. 4. This set also has great compatibility with cards from the previous Clan Selection Plus (V-SS07) & V Clan Collection Vol. 1 (D-VS01)! Popular Reverse units return, along with new Reverse units. Upgrade popular decks such as "Jewel Knights" from Royal Paladin or "Silver Thorns" from Pale Moon! Look for highly collectible special SP Frame for Reverse units! Each box contains 12 packs with 7 cards per pack. There is 1 SP included in every box. One of six possible exclusive double-sided Gift Markers are included in each box of V Clan Collection Vol. 3. The set includes 84 cards (39 new/45 reissued - all 84 are RRR) plus 15 Parallels (3 VSR + 12 SP).

CFV-D V Clan Collection Vol. 3 Box

$59.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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