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The starter decks this set are Amber/Amethyst and Steel/Sapphire. Each starter will come with a 60 card deck that includes 2 foil cards. Every starter deck will also contain 1 booster pack of Ursula's Return. In addition to the cards, each starter deck will contain damage counters, a paper mat, a paper tracker token, and a rule book. The two decks will contain a mix of cards from all 4 sets of Lorcana, with the foils from new set. 


*Local Pick-up is available at all locations, on May 17th. *
*This is a pre-order item, items will not be shipped out until Friday, May 31st. (Per Ravensburger Online Sales Policy)*
*Set 4 of the Disney Lorcana TCG will be released at local game stores on Friday  May 17th 2024.*

Lorcana TCG: Ursula's Return Starter Decks

  • *All orders can be picked up at any Gamers World location. Upon completion of your order, please message us to confirm what location you would like to pick up your order at.*

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