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    • The TCG version also includes cards used by Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi, Cologne, and Yuya Sakaki.
  • Introduces new members/support for the "Aesir", "Blue-Eyes", "Branded", "Chaos", "Charmer", "D/D", "D/D/D", "Dark Contract", "Dream Mirror", "Dogmatika", "Familiar-Possessed", "Floowandereeze", "Fusion", "Ghostrick", "Guardian", "Icejade", "Kuriboh", "Magna Warrior", "Magnet Warrior", "Myutant", "Nephthys", "Nordic", "Nordic Beast", "Nordic Relic", "Ogdoadic", "S-Force", "Simorgh", "Swordsoul", "Possessed", "The Agent", "Ursarctic", and "Vampire" archetypes, as well as the Skilled Magician, Star, Super Magical, and with Eyes of Blue series.
    • The TCG version also introduces new members/support for the "Smile" archetype.
  • Introduces the "Dinomorphia" archetype, as well as first support for the "Lady of Lament" archetype.
    • Introduces the "Doll Monster" and "Libromancer" archetypes to the TCG.


The set contains 100 cards:

  • 10 Secret Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 50 Commons

YGO Battle of Chaos Booster Box

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